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of changes in the marketplace. So be sure to visit us again as we know

tomorrow will bring new methods and new ideas related to online marketing

and where you as a marketer sit within this venue! The make money online

niche is one of the biggest and most highly competitive of all the niches we can



And as such it can be the most daunting and confusing to navigate as well.

Forget what you may have heard about this being an easy path to tread. Many a

marketer has given up the hopes of earning an income while working from home.

Statistically it's estimated that 95% of those who take the plunge into the shark infested

waters of this space will fail. So what is it that allows the 5% to find success in this vast

maze of confusion.


One thing that these bold and brave online warriors have in common

is they don't know the word quit. They forge on regardless of the number of failures they

may endure. And for many who have given up they may have been inches away from

striking gold. So if there is one piece of advise I can impart to any aspiring marketer is to

never give up. Your breakthrough may be just around the corner. We'll have more to say

about this in the days and weeks ahead.

What you must do as a marketer is to find a market that is making money and position yourself within that niche( a segment of a market) to become profitable. You may have heard the phrase that "The Money is in The List" well that is certainly the case.


So what you want to do is find a product in one of the niches that is generating sales and

build an email list around a product and promote similar products to the list of

subscribers you create. It's estimated that each subscriber you have on your list should

generate $1 per month in commissions so if you have a list of 1,000 people you

potentially can make $1,000 per month. The bigger your list the greater your possible