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How to Make Money Online:


There are a lot of ways to make money online. Here’s six ways to take advantage of the opportunities the internet provides.


Make Money Online, Method #1 Niche Websites


The idea behind a niche website is you pick a segment of a market perhaps surrounding a particular product.
It could be cameras that you promote and you create content around the camera niche you can promote everything
from lenses to tripods and camera bags. To get a website online you need a Domain Name, a Hosting Account and a content
management system like WordPress. A Domain Name costs about $10 a year and a Hosting Plan about $10 a month, WordPress
is free and offered in the Control panel of the Hosting plan that you choose. You can sell advertising space on
you website as an additional source of monitization. It’s not a fast way to profits it takes sustained effort to be
successful but in the long run it can offer you a nice recurring income.


How to Make Money Online, Method #2 eCommerce Store


The eCommerce method spoken of in the video talks about buying products in bulk and shipping them from home.

These kinds of products are usually sold over at eBay. This method is a lot of work and is not for those who are
shy about hard work. The products might be purchased from thrift stores or small retail outlets. Then you purchase
envelopes and packaging put together a packet then go to the post office and mail out your products. You can do this
if you have a lot of time on your hands. But if you work a full time job it could be tough to do.


Online Money Making, Method #3 YouTube Videos


YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet. Google owns YouTube so you know they know all about providing a helpful search experience. The key to garnering views and subscribers is to
offer content that is informative and helpful. Providing solutions to problems. The idea is to create engaging videos
that keep people watching, once you gain a following you can earn money through the Adsense program. So the more people that watch your videos the better. You can even do affiliate marketing with videos by reviewing products and placing an affiliate link in the description area beneath the video.


Make Money Online, Method #4 Amazon Seller


Becoming a Amazon Seller involves sourcing products from China and private labeling them for selling through the
FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon) you by items from China and Amazon features them on their site when the product sell Amazon handles all the customer service fulling and shipping your items where ever is needed. The profit margins can
be huge because you’re getting stock at a cheap price. You don’t have to worry about handling refunds and the like Amazon takes care of everything. You just need to make sure you keep enough stock on hand for selling.


Make Money Online, Method #5 Selling Tshirts


Teespring is a company that you can use to sell t-shirts. If you have an idea for a design or a slogan you would like to offer to the marketplace Teespring is the place for you. If you’re not adept at graphic designing you can have that aspect of the process outsourced to someone who can handle this task. This is another business model where you never have to handle any inventory just get your designs uploaded onto Teespring and they will handle the customer experience from then on.


Money Online Making, Method #6 Social Media Marketing


Social Media is ever growing with more entities coming online seemingly every other week. From Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram it’s hard to keep up. Did I forget to mention Pinterest and Linkedin, I told you it’s hard to keep up. But if you want to expand your audience and reach online you’ll need to build yourself a health Social Media


How to Make Money Online 6 Ideas: Conclusion


So you can see that this video details 6 unique ways to make money online. I will gladly show you some top
resources for earning an income from each of them.

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