How to Use Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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How to Use Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website


All website owners have the same goal in mind: to boost their page views and traffic. The essential question is, how are you going to do it? How to use video to drive traffic to your website. With literally thousands of how-to books circulating the internet and bookstores claiming to have the “secret” to increased traffic, it’s difficult for a website owner to identify the best traffic-generating strategy.

Video Is Key

While some of these publications do contain useful suggestions and information for attracting people to your website, there is one strategy that has shown to be one of the most effective ways to attract loyal viewers, and ultimately customers, in recent years. This is accomplished by using the medium of online video as a very effective way to create a high-profile website that is accessed by thousands of people on a daily basis.

Video Provides Free Traffic

One of the main reasons why so many webmasters utilize online video to generate traffic is that it is a terrific, and free, way to communicate with potential visitors while also providing them with important information that is entertaining to watch. Web video is an incredibly effective technique to provide information to your viewers and inform them about your numerous websites and products.

Make Videos That Are Engaging

When creating a video for website marketing, there are a few things to keep in mind. You will be able to have a very successful video campaign if you follow these recommendations, and you will reap the benefits. Making movies that are fascinating, amusing, and, above all, informative is the most crucial aspect of employing video for the promotion of a website.

Make Videos That Solve A Problem

Individuals will seek out your films based on their interests. Making short films on how to cure various problems in your home is the greatest method to reach your audience if you’re selling a how-to book on fixing home appliances. Making a video describing how to fix a leaking faucet is an example of this.

Not only will this allow your viewers to realize how informative your content is, but you will also be assisting them. When you publish a video online that answers a question, viewers are more than likely to visit your site in order to find further answers to their varied questions. This is a fantastic approach to increase customer loyalty while also offering them a compelling cause to buy your product.


Upload Videos Consistently

After you’ve produced a number of videos on your subject, you’ll need to upload them online in order for them to be seen. The most important question, though, is where you should post your videos. There are hundreds of different video sites that will let you upload your own video to their server. The key, though, is to pick the right website to host your video.

YouTube is King

YouTube is without a doubt the most popular video platform on the Internet. And by uploading your movie to YouTube and using the right keywords, you’ll soon have a steady stream of visitors to your website. You used to be able to employ video submission services to accomplish this for you if you didn’t want to go through and manually upload your videos on all of the different websites. Sadly that’s a thing of the past. But this being the age of social media there are more than enough websites out there for you to promote your videos to for added traffic. The question of how to use video to drive traffic to your website has been answered. So get out there and have some fun!